"I want to thank you for the most memorable field trip I have ever experienced…There was a sense of safety, community, and oneness with nature as we all laughed and learned together. I kept thinking things couldn’t get any better than this!"

Ms. D, Westwood Charter School

"Every hike was an adventure in learning and discovery, and the kids had an amazing time being scientists in the great outdoors…Never before did they show such excitement and understanding of science…Clear Creek was a valuable lesson in humanity and responsibility…our week was the journey of a lifetime."

Ms. L, Newcastle Ave. Elementary

"I know my students and I have had a week with all of you that has forever made an impact in our lives…Your dedication to them is absolutely unequivocally phenomenal!!"

Ms. W, Hazeltine Ave. Elementary

“It is such a fine opportunity for young people from an urban school setting to put aside their daily anxieties and problems and to have a chance to enjoy being a child in a safe, educational setting and to grow in new skills and knowledge.”

Ms. M, Stephen M. White Middle School

“I have never had a better time with my students.  I saw teenagers who were in so much pain blossom as they opened themselves to the beauty of nature. I also saw a solidarity and team spirit develop amongst the students as they accomplished feat after feat and gained new knowledge.”

Ms. B, Carson High School

“As a fifth grade Science teacher, I really appreciated the lessons that the staff provided…The sheer beauty of the whole experience is that they didn’t even realize that they were “learning” since the lessons were so engaging and taking place in a natural environment…Many of my struggling students were able to integrate better with other students since the normal fears that they face in the classroom were removed…my week at Clear Creek was the best week that I have ever had as an educator.”

Mr. K., Wilshire Park Elementary

Following a sunset viewing activity:

“In the final glows / Sunset brings lots of beauty / And the moon rises”

“In the sunset sky / It’s hard not to cry / I am filled with joy”

Haiku & Poem by Jesse M., 5th Grade, Westminster Ave. School

“Thank you for giving us a lifetime opportunity…You have taught me skills I will need for the rest of my life.  I talked to my parents about what I learned and they are amazed!”

Harpreet S., 5th Grade, Julie Korenstein Elementary

"The first test results were released from the new California Science Test (developed by CDE). The test measures progress on the Next Generation Science Standards adopted in 2013. The results are sobering and it tells us we have a long way to go (as a state)… less than one third met or exceeded standards on the new test. The numbers are worse for ELD students and many of our LAUSD students.


As I think about the impact of Camp Skyhook, this statement in the article really resonates….”The new standards require a significant shift in the way science is taught. Instead of memorizing facts and terms, the Next Generation Science Standards emphasize hands-on science projects that require students to investigate, collect and use data, and give evidence-based explanations for what they discover.”

Ms. Alejandra Ceja
Director, PNA Office of Corporate Social Responsibility
Executive Director, Panasonic Foundation