Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Personifies NBRPA's Community Outreach Effort

By Lucas Smith February 21, 2019

GIVING THEM A PLATFORM: NBA Commissioner ADAM SILVER has been steadfast in his support of players speaking out on social issues and bringing them to the forefront, especially in the current political climate. Abdul-Jabbar, who is no stranger to political issues, said Silver has “done a great job understanding that we’re not just basketball players.” The HOFer noted a lot of players in the NBA come from poor circumstances and there are “a lot of issues that they want to heal within their communities that they came from.” Abdul-Jabbar commended Silver on giving players the leeway to be involved in those issues and outlining parameters to do it in the right way. “You haven’t seen any players going off and doing stupid things, they’re talking about real issues and trying to get things done,” Abdul-Jabbar said. “Look at what LEBRON JAMES does — he’s sending kids to school and that’s awesome. That’s the type of activism that everybody can get behind. Communities benefit from it, the players’ image benefits from it and I think ultimately our country benefits from it.”

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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar